Kitesurf NOW (KSN) is a privately owned, non-profit organisation with the purpose to help locals with expertise in managing a business for tourism by running a kitesurf center. KSN had a kitesurf center on Salamansa beach during 2010 - 2015. We had scheduled to re-new the center in 2015 and then to leave it to be used by our local friends so they could take all revenues and learn from the experience of running their own business.

The next step of training locals would have been to launch a co-working & co-living place for (kitesurfing) digital entrepreneurs from Northern Europe and the USA. The place would also serve as a training center for locals to increase their skills in digital marketing (currently a key hurdle for Cabo Verde to control its own future).

Unfortunately, one of our local (former) friends (now the owner of Kitesurf Salamansa Cabo Verde) had the audacity to put his own building on top of our location on the beach. This happened just after we took our old building away in preparation to build a new one....

This situation to date still has not been resolved. For that reason you will no longer find us on the beach . SORRY!


Objectives of Kitesurf NOW

We use a non-profit business and hobby (kitesurfing) as a tool to rigorously train locals up to a standard to compete with companies in the Europe and North-America.

This is essential step in becoming self reliant and for those of Cabo Verde to determine their own future.


Support provided by Kitesurf NOW

We've discretely put kitesurfing in Salamansa on the map by targetting clients who appreciate authenticity and are at an advanced level of kitesurfing.

The tough training towards western standard locals had to endure has resulted in university placings in the USA, improvements in spoken and written English, improvements in management skills, new business ventures in holiday homes, website development, e-biking and kitesurfing. Our contacts have resulted a project to provide Salamansa with affordable water and our daily obsession with cleaning the beach has resulted in a beach that can be appreciated by tourists.