Kitesurf Cabo Verde is the continuation of goal set out by Marc and Ola of Kitesurf NOW.

The goal is to help locals and train them to compete at world-class level to have self-control (independent of western countries).

Kitesurf NOW was in the first phase to achieve that goal. It operated through intense management and training by Marc and Ola. They planned to hand-over the entire venture to locals in 2017 but this was done sooner due to unforeseen circumstances.  So, in November 2015,  Kitesurf Cabo Verde was created with full control (including management) by locals: Elvis and Junior.

As of December 2016, the Kitesurf Cabo Verde are having difficulties to keep the kitesurf business running due to a lack of kitesurf materials (please help!) and because Junior sustained an injury.

Company history

Kitesurf Cabo Verde

Elvis started La Creperie Chez Zoe in 2014 when he returned from Paris with his wife Olga.
During 2015, the owners of Kitesurf NOW (Ola & Marc), approached Elvis asking him whether he was interested to run a second venture: Kitesurf Cabo Verde with the trainee instructor: Junior.
They gladly accepted, which was the start of Kitesurf Cabo Verde.

Company owner


Elvis is passionate about helping the Salamansa community.
He is a key member of the local association to help families, children, the elderly and students in areas such as education, housing and transport from Salamansa to university.
Elvis is also deeply involved in programs for sustainable tourism such as DoubleSens.