The type of help that is needed is described below.  For you to put help into practice, we provide 3 options: 1) you can bring materials to Salamansa yourself 2) you can buy materials and have them shipped and 3) you can make a financial donation.

The areas were help is needed

Kitesurf materials

Running a kitesurf center on Sao Vicente is difficult because materials have to come from Europe (not available in Cabo Verde) and are expensive.


The current staff are trainee instructors. None is qualified. Junior (shown in the picture) has turned 18, speaks reasonable English and has the kitesurfing, teaching and communication skills to take the next step for certification. What is holding him back are the costs of going to the Cabo Verde island of Sal and taking the course and test for IKO certification.

The level of education in Cabo Verde is very poor. The areas where this is holding back Cabo Verde in having self-control are: 1) English language, 2) Computing skills 3) Web-design skills and 4) Management skills.

Access to the web

The good news: Salamansa has a G3 internet connection. The bad news: many cannot afford the internet connection and do not have the hardware (laptops) to benefit of the wealth of information on the web.

Health insurance

Having adequate accident and health insurance depends on employment. Many locals in Salamansa are working in seasonal / ad-hoc jobs (fishing and kitesurfing depend on the water and wind conditions), so do not have access to affordable healthcare.

Junior of Kitesurf Cabo Verde