You can choose the right kitesurf center and therefore make a difference in supporting the Salamansa community.  Here we give you guidance on making that choice.

Help so far by Kitesurf NOW

Marc and Ola, the owners of Kitesurf NOW, put (kitesurfing in) Salamansa on the map in 2010, invested more than 500,000 euros in Sao Vicente to help more than 40 locals to increase their skills needed in the tourism industry (and kitesurfing).

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Help by Kitesurf Cabo Verde

Elvis and his wife Olga are locals (having returned from Paris), running Creperie Chez Zoe and Kitesurf Cabo Verde. They are extremely trustworthy and have put in great efforts in projects to help the local Salamansa community.

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Kitesurf Salamansa

Jair is the owner of Kitesurf Salamansa Cabo Verde. He was trained by Kitesurf NOW to become a kitesurf instructor. Unfortunately, his ambitions have come at the expense of long term support for the locals and Cabo Verde in general.

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You can help to keep Salamansa unique

Salamansa is one of the top kitesurf spots in the world for advanced riders who enjoy the waves. Despite this, it has retained it's authenticity. It has not been invaded by mass-tourism or by masses of kitesurfers.

To keep the town and area unique, we believe it is necessary to: 1) attract only kitesurfers who can appreciate Salamansa most, 2) to make sure that 100% of earnings fall in the hands of locals and 3) to not encourage foreigners to buy land and property in Salamansa.

Unfortunately our (Kitesurf NOW) support "on the ground" had to stop earlier than planned because of the actions of Jair during a period when Kitesurf NOW was still supporting him.

Nevertheless we are still trying our best to support the locals and hope you can help as well.

You can do so by helping locals who are genuinely interested in supporting the local community. We have set up Kitesurf Cabo Verde for Elvis and Olga, the owners of Creperie Chez Zoe and encourage you to help them as well.


How you can help....

There are many things you can do to help the local community. To see a list of suggestions, please click the button >